I’m Nate Navasca &
I’m a designer at Munchery.

I’m also a former architecture student and a graduate of visual communication design at Virginia Tech.

I have many ideas on what good design should be, but I think these four ideas should always be considered—
problem solving, empathy, functionality & simplicity.

Problem Solving

Without problems, my work would be empty and without purpose. It’s fun matching aesthetic with functionality and striving for that delicate balance between the two.


Design is made for all sorts of folks, from baby boomers to millennials. Each comes with their own wants and needs, but it’s important to remember that we’re all still human.


It’s not enough for design to be pretty. A chromed-out toaster might be the sexiest thing in your kitchen, but if it doesn’t toast bread, then what’s the point?


They say less is more, but I think they’re probably wrong. Less is wrong when it means less impact, less meaning and less emotion. I prefer less, just as long as it’s better.

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